Im using 2 node DRBD(v9.0) cluster with pacemaker. STONITH is disabled. I have restarted my Node 2(which is acting as a primary). Then after restart, I can't able to login and it shows the split brain occurred.

  1. How can I avoid this kind of situation?
  2. If I enabled STONITH will it be fixed?
  3. What happens if both nodes have written some data?
Unable to login to what after the reboot?Matt Kereczman
Yes unable to login, I'm using AWS EC2(there is an option to get screen shot of the screen, from there I got this error messageTheDataGuy
What are you trying to replicate?Matt Kereczman
It's for postgresql database high availabilityTheDataGuy

1 Answers


DRBD split braining shouldn't cause any login issues...

To answer your questions:

  1. STONITH is the only way to avoid split-brains.
  2. Enabling STONITH in Pacemaker is literally the last step in configuring proper node-level fencing (aka. STONITH). Which type of STONITH device you'll use is heavily dependent on your hardware/hypervisor/environment's configuration.
  3. Then you have a diverged data set. You'll need to merge the data (if you care about it), and then chose which node will be the split-brain survivor, which will be the victim, and finally manually resolve the split-brain. This is why STONITH is such an important concept in clustering.