I have recently started working with SSAS and just managed to create a cube in SSAS.

Nevertheless, there is one single dimension among all of them that does not appear when I'm browsing the cube.

In a more specific manner, the problem is that I have my fact table with its foreign keys pointing to the different dimensions:

| FACT_TABLE          |
| field1 (fk to dim1) |
| field2 (fk to dim2) |
| field3 (fk to dim3) |
| field4 (fk to dim3) |
| field5 (fk to dim3) |

As you can see, field3, field4, and field5, point to the same dimension. But then, when I deploy the cube and browse it, field4 and field5 appear, but field3 does not!

I have already checked out, and the foreign keys in the source database are correct.

Thank you for your help.

Did you add the dimension to a measure group? "Dimension Usage" tab in visual studio.manderson

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When you have the same dimension used multiple times, make sure you add the dimension to a measure group under 'Dimension Usage' tab in Cube design.

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